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Sunday, September 4, 2016

A husband's first night(mare)

Like other men I was virgin I didn’t experience sex before marriage. You all know marriage ceremonies and rituals go on and on for few Days and nights due to which I couldn’t have sufficient sleep as there were very crucial rituals before tying the knot. All these rituals made me and my partner tired, getting blessings from the elders by getting down and touching the feet our spine and back had gone for a toss. After a daylong rituals we retired to our first night room in my in-laws house by 9pm, we sat on the bed side by side had general conversation slowly getting to know each other for about an hour .
I told her that “I am very much tired and didn’t have sufficient sleep for a week due to wedding arrangements and rituals”. She made fussy face, I told her I was not in mood , argument went on for a while finally she told that she will let me sleep if I lift her and made her lay on the bed I had no other choice I had to lift her like a baby in my arms and rolled on the bed I did that in-spite of my sore back paint and went to sleep and I slept like a dead log wood. In my deep sleep I could feel someone waking me up very harshly as if to wake up a dead body, I woke up in a shock thinking that I had over slept and looked at the wall clock it was still 11pm before I could realize anything wife in a violent husky voice demanded to have sex with her and she already had undressed herself and  told she can’t control her urge and she is in a strong mood to have wild sex, saying this she advanced at me before I could speak and resist her , she tried to kiss me and forced to have intercourse I resisted as much I could but she cried , screamed wildly and become more violent that was a nightmare of my life.
I couldn’t help nor save myself from her violent behavior due to her pressure and behavior I had to have sex with her ,that whole night she reached multiple orgasm but I was  raped multiple times, after each orgasm she use to relax and start over again ,I don’t even remember how many times she forced herself upon me. I was in a deep shock and trauma finally by 3am she was exhausted and slept and I couldn’t sleep I was in a deep pain and feeling of being raped.
Next day morning while bathing I could feel burning sensation on my neck, upper back, both the shoulders and on left arm I saw a deep scratches and bruises on other arm, after bath I made sure to cover all these wound, scratches and bruises, maximum I tried to cover-up but few places where exposed which were noticed by others I couldn’t have proper eye contact with my parents unfortunately they understood that I was been raped by her.
In spite of all this she always made fun of me and claimed that I don’t have stamina always made fun of my manhood, I still wonder immediately after first night how could she find the difference of stamina of a man?

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