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Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Headache of Lifetime

Marriage ceremonies in India are tiring. And given the traditional upbringing, most men do not experience sex before marriage. Same was the case with me. Everybody around me (relatives and friends) had created so much hype about sex that more than the fun part, I was curious to know how it feels. I guess, the same was my wife's condition too. So, after we retired into our honeymoon suite after all the rites and rituals, we both literally bumped into each other but nothing substantial happened as we were both tired and just slept. The following day again began with a round of getting down to touch the feet of elders across the town and it was too exhausting. 

The same night she insisted. I was tired but tried. But it couldn't happen and I had to leave it mid-way. What she told me the next day shocked me.

"Don't ever do it to me. I get headaches"

All I could reply with was a sorry!

How could I tell her that I was tired and could not continue it? It would have been a blot on my manhood and marriage was a way to earn my manhood as I heard my relatives murmuring - "Now, he's a complete man!" I felt like down at my libido and wonder - "Really?"

But that experience kept me on my toes for the rest of my married life. Whether I was tired or not, whether in mood or not, if she wanted, I had to relent to else I feared my manhood would be challenged. I was unable to believe one sentence from a woman who was my wife, had changed my life forever and I could not do anything about it except giving in.

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