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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The shocking tale of a nymphomaniac wife

After marriage we never had a sex for 15 days,  After that she refused to have a sex for 3 months & the reason was, according to her mother there is puja (worship of a god) remaining, so I never forced for sex. 

3 months later she went to her parents home and called me that she is pregnant !! I was in deep shock, how a women can became pregnant without sex. After that call she never called me or received my call. 

Suddenly in Diwali she came to my home and after that she forced me to have sex like porn videos, she pressurise me to have sex while watching porn !! Again it's shock for me !! When I refused to that , she started blackmailing me, like she will file a case against me that I am forcing her to have sex like a porn videos. I was in a deep shock to realise what's going on !! I was not able to talk with anyone !! After my final refusal she used strangulate her neck with the help of Dupatta and one day she hanged herself to the ceiling fan, as she was doing drama nothing happened to her  !! 

Really I was in too much depression !! I had no idea what's going in her mind !!

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