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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The 'naive' wife who too ignorant

She was a homely girl (as what was told to me )who was never allowed to go out. When she got married to me, I took her to many places to roam around in India. She projected she doesn't know anything about sex, even that why vagina and penis are designed for, complete zero. But when we had our first sex post marriage after few days, she was very aggressive and she did oral sex without any hesitation. This shocked me, when I asked how come she know about all these movements, she got furious.

I tried to ignore then and never asked again.  She used to seek multiple sex in single night. I used to do lot of work from home due to my multi country projects and different time-zones, on those days she used to push for sex even in afternoon and night. I used to feel very tired with office work as it was my new job and pressure was high but she was never ready for breaks and with time I understood she knows much more about sex then even me and she was lying all throughout.

Later, when our marriage was not doing good, almost after 6 months, she often used to visit her house almost 15 days per month and when she used to come back, she used to create lot of stories that she is having her periods, headache, not well or sleep in another room or doesn't want to have it all. 

But whenever she wanted to have sex with her will, she used to get it. If I would say no, she used to push continuously and create fight about it until I used to agree. Then it became her habit of saying "No" whenever I want to have sex and force herself whenever I am not feeling to have it.  I lost my mental peace and my physical health started going down.

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